About us

We buy, sort, pack and export used textiles worldwide

Evadam was founded in 1960 and is currently the oldest sorting operation within Boer Group. We are situated at the Graankaai in Roeselare and our core activities consist of buying, sorting, packing and exporting used textiles worldwide.  

Evadam is a TÜV-certified sorting company. Sorting is an intensive and meticulous process and we operate fully in accordance with the benchmarks set out in the "Beoordelingsgrondslag Gecertificeerd Sorteerproces" (Certified Sorting Process Evaluation Basis). The used textiles are bought by the kilogram from a range of European collection companies who often work with charities, and are delivered to Evadam by lorry or wagon. 

The textiles are sorted according to condition and material over several stages in the production hall. The sorted products are packed, depending on their quality, in plastic bags, big bags or compressed into bales. They are then exported worldwide.


Facts & figures

 The sorting capacity at Evadam is 60-65 tons a day, and during high season we employ over 65 production staff. 

Core activities


Textiles are bought by the kilogram.

De textiles pass through 2 separate selection stages: pre-sorting and post-sorting.

the items are packed into plastic bags, big bags or compressed into bales.

The finished product is exported worldwide.